Why CoolTek?

Here at CoolTek Computers, we believe in perfecting our desktop computers by being professionally handled, built, and FULLY tested before being shipped out. As an added benefit from purchasing our computers, we go ahead and save you time by creating “convenient” shortcut folders to the most likely used places you will be going to each day such as Documents, Music, Videos, C: Drive, etc.. Have you experienced the hassle of trying to get Windows Update to work for your previous Windows 7 machine? Well.. no worries here! As an “extra.. extra” bonus and time saver, we also update the Operating System to the latest updates for you with Windows Update and download some necessary programs such as Adobe Reader and Flash Player for reading PDF’s and watching videos, Java program, etc.. We also go ahead and point the downloads to a folder on the secondary bigger drive allowing your fast SSD drive to stay more free from clutter and be able to stay fast for the long term. We STRIVE for the HIGHEST standards and have ALL of this in mind when building our custom desktops for you or your company while also treating the build as if it were for a close family member or friend. We strive for a perfect build each and every time and rest assured, each one will be tested to it’s fullest capability before being shipped out to you! We do not overclock any of our parts for several reasons. We also do not need to. That is how fast our CoolTek Computers are!


Aside from those benefits, each part is specifically chosen out of the many that are out there to give you the best performance for your $$$. These parts will last many years as many of them have long warranties with them and are top name brand components. Each one will be discussed in great detail below and why they were specifically chosen for these custom builds. We hope you will appreciate us taking the time to explain and thank you for reading.

  • Desktop Case – As the first thing to any computer, one must have or start with the case. We chose..
  • Power Supply –
  • Motherboard –
  • CPU –
  • RAM –
  • Main SSD (OS) –
  • Secondary Drive –
  • Graphics Card –
  • DVD-RW Drive –
  • Accessories – 120mm Quad-Colored Fan and UV Black Cold Cathode Lights

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