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Here is where you can view Testimonials and Feedback that previous buyers have rated and given our Powerful Desktop Computers! If you would like to leave one, please do so below. Thank you.

Let’s go by the meanings of these stars.

1 Star * : Very Dissatisfied

2 Stars ** : Did not meet expectation

3 Stars *** : Neutral or content (Neither satisfied or unsatisfied)

4 Stars **** : Happy and met expectations!

5 Stars ***** : Exceeded expectations and are very happy!


If you ever think we should get 3 stars or less, contact us so that we know why you feel that way and give us suggestions on how we can improve. Thank you for your honest feedback/rating.

Reviews and Ratings from Our Customers
Please review your experience with our Powerful CoolTek Computers and let others know how much you enjoy or not enjoy your New Desktop PC. How well did we do? Are there any Suggestions or Recommendations that we can add to our Computer for future buyers? Thank You.
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